Are you ready to embody and live your unique Cosmic Lifestyle?

The Cosmic Cleanse is not a Detox

It is an upgrade.

A rewiring.

A re-calibration.

A new, intuitive, high vibe way to live.

They say it takes 3 months to create a lifestyle. So let’s take 3 Moon Cycles to create a cosmic lifestyle that raises your vibrations and aligns you to your Highest Self.

Cycle One:

Moon Water Cleanse

Gently calibrate your body and energy to the Moon cycle and Cosmic currents. Beginning on the New Moon using the Moon journal and compass you will create a gentle morning and evening routine that nourishes you Mind, Body, and Soul. This is the foundation you will build upon to begin living your Cosmic lifestyle!

Cycle Two:

Cosmic Cleaning System

Learn to clean your home the Cosmic way. Your home should be your Sacred Space. So you will begin to make cleaning a fun and sacred activity using the Cosmic Cleaning compass as your guide. You will learn to utilize the potent energy of the Moon Phases and Zodiac Signs. By the end of this cycle your home will feel lighter, cleaner, and more sacred.

Cycle Three:

Lunar Flow

Now that your body and home are aligned with the Cosmos, dive deeper into the Moon cycle and awaken your intuition with Lunar Flow. You will learn to work with the energy of the Moon phases and craft moonthly rituals to help you navigate your unique inner moontides of ebb and flow through this Moon cycle and beyond.

Are you ready to embody the Cosmos?

Let’s make 2019 your best life… or cosmic life!